Occupied Melitopol seeing collaborators ready to work against Russia, says mayor

15 July, 04:37 PM
Melitopol mayor Ivan Fedorov (Photo:Ivan Fedorov via Facebook)

Melitopol mayor Ivan Fedorov (Photo:Ivan Fedorov via Facebook)

Collaborators who are ready to work against the Russian invading forces have appeared in the occupied town of Melitopol, local mayor Ivan Fedorov told the Freedom television channel on July 15.

He said that the protest movement in Melitopol has been growing since the invaders had vowed not to raise tariffs, but in fact did the opposite.

The locals also did not accept the initiative of local collaborator Yevhen Balytskyi, who had previously proclaimed himself "governor," to hold a so-called "referendum" and join the captured territories to Russia.

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"The number of collaborators who are ready to resist the Russians has increased, and the number of collaborators who repent and ask to go back has also increased," Fedorov said.

"Therefore, the tendency of the partisan movement to grow will only increase. Russia deceived them. Propagandists and gauleiters (regional party leaders in Nazi Germany) have promised many things, but do not keep their promises. After they were paid their first salary, they realized that they had no future. Now they want to go back, but this path is tough and with certain conditions."

Earlier Fedorov said that about 10 collaborators in Melitopol were trying to switch back to the Ukrainian education system after the Russian invaders had paid them a salary that turned out to be much lower than the Ukrainian one.

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