Odesa Oblast is creating an alternative water supply system, say regional authorities

18 May, 08:17 PM
Artesian well in Vyzyrka (Photo:Lyman News Agency)

Artesian well in Vyzyrka (Photo:Lyman News Agency)

The regional government in Odesa Oblast is creating an alternative water supply system, in case the current infrastructure is damaged by enemy attacks, reported Odesa mayor Hennadiy Trukhanov in an interview with Ukrainian TV on May 17.

In an interview with the First City TV Channel, Trukhanov said that the city wants to avoid repeating the bitter experience of another southern Ukrainian port city, Mykolayiv, which was left without water after Russian shelling in late April damaged critical infrastructure.

According to Trukhanov, the city reached out to experts to determine how to keep the taps flowing, even in the event of an enemy attack. The first ideas for setting up alternatives to the current water supply system have already been received, the mayor says.

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"One of the ways — especially in the Suvorov district — is to increase the number of pumping stations with drinking water,” Trukhanov explained, adding that preparations for some of these plans are already underway.

“Our specialists have made all the calculations, and provided advice on how best to do it, so we will start the work on this soon. As for technical water, which can be used for other purposes, this is purified water that is poured in via tunnels leading from the sea. In fact, it is clean, but some chemical composition indicators mean that it is unsafe to drink.”

The head of the Odesa regional military administration, Maksym Marchenko, has also drawn attention to the issue of providing medical institutions in the city and oblast with water. According to him, hospitals are working on securing an alternative supply of drinking water from artesian wells. Marchenko insisted that even if water infrastructure in Odesa Oblast is damaged, the oblast will not face the problems Mykolayiv had.

Local communities are also working on securing access to fresh water. The village of Vyzyrka is conducting an inventory of wells, and plans to dig at least two more wells in the settlement itself.  In a comment to the Lyman News Agency, Vyzyrka village head Valeriy Stoliaki said all wells will be inspected for this purpose, even if they are no longer in use. According to him, there are few wells with drinking water within the territorial community.

"We want to clean and tidy these wells, because there may be spring water there," Stoliaki explained. His statements about the small number of sources of clean drinking water were confirmed by elderly residents of the village.

Problems with the water supply in the region have arisen even without direct damage to the water supply system: for example, due to a Russian missile hitting a transformer power substation, the town of Artsyz was left without a stable water supply, while the Ivankiv territorial community restricted the use of drinking water from wells due to drought.

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