One person dead after triggering mine while swimming in Black Sea near Odesa

3 July, 02:26 PM
A mine warning sign on a closed beach in Odesa, June 6, 2022 (Photo:REUTERS/Edgar Su)

A mine warning sign on a closed beach in Odesa, June 6, 2022 (Photo:REUTERS/Edgar Su)

A man was killed by a mine explosion while swimming in the Black Sea close at a beach south of the city of Odesa, Operational Command South, the section of the military command responsible for the southern region, reported on July 3.

Another man survived the explosion with only light injuries, including cuts and bruises.

The command said that the two men had ignored an official ban on swimming in the Black Sea, including from beaches in Odesa and neighboring towns and villages. They ignored municipal warning signs about possible mines in the maritime zone, the command said.

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After triggering a mine in the sea waters, one man was killed by the explosion. His dead body was retrieved from the sea. The other man had light injuries and refused to be taken to the hospital for further medical examinations.

Suspilne, the Ukrainian public broadcasting company, quoted Nataliya Gumenyuk, spokeswoman for the southern command, who provided more details about the accident: The explosion happened in waters close to Karolino-Bugaz, a popular tourist spot.

Besides Karolino-Bugaz, Odesa Oblast has another really popular summer resort in Zatoka that thousands of Ukrainian families used to visit for vacations. The city of Odesa itself is a major tourist spot, where Ukrainians used to spend their summer holidays, enjoying restaurants, nightclubs, amateur athletic competitions, and the local cultural scene.

Odesa Municipality issued another warning about mines in the Black Sea which put the lives of swimmers in deadly danger.

Earlier, on June 11, a person was killed in a same way, triggering a mine while swimming in the Black Sea near Hrybivka, a village close to the sea coast.

However, Gennadiy Truhanov, mayor of Odesa, still thinks summer holidays in Odesa could be possible. Speaking on June 27, he said his office was considering opening up several beaches for swimming and relaxation, installing special nets for people’s safety.

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