Opposition Platform MPs Abramovych and Stolar return to Ukraine after fleeing in February

12 January, 06:14 PM
Vadym Stolar and Ihor Abramovych (Photo:Collage by NV)

Vadym Stolar and Ihor Abramovych (Photo:Collage by NV)

Two MPs from the banned pro-Russian Opposition Platform – For Life party, Vadym Stolar and Ihor Abramovych, have returned to Ukraine, NV’s sister outlet Ukrayinska Pravda reported on Jan. 12, citing its sources.

According to the sources, Stolar and Abramovych plan to attend the parliamentary session.

At the same time, Ukrayinska Pravda’s anonymous sources said that it is highly likely that on Jan. 13, both may be deprived of their parliamentary mandates.

A few days before the full-scale invasion of Russia, Stolar and Abramovych left Ukraine.

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Later, UP journalists tracked them down to the Cote d'Azur in France.

On March 28, the Opposition Platform party announced the suspension of its activities. On April 14, at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, the decision of the National Security and Defense Council to suspend the activities of the Opposition Platform – For Life faction in parliament was announced.

On April 21, the legislature announced the creation of a parliamentary group Platform for Life and Peace, which included representatives of the banned political force. The group was headed by Ukrainian pro-Russian politician Yuriy Boyko.

On Sept. 15, the Supreme Court ruled to ban the activities of the Opposition Platform party, rejecting the appeal of the pro-Russian political force. The decision is final and not subject to appeal.

Earlier, the chairman of the parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk said that in order to deprive the MPs of the former Opposition Platform of their mandates, it is necessary to find a "legislative embodiment" so that it "does not smell like the revolution of 1917 or what Russia is doing in Ukraine now."

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