OSCE reports sightings of numerous artillery systems and tanks in the Donbas

17 January 2022, 03:10 PM

A large number of artillery systems and tanks belonging to Russian proxy forces were spotted in the Donbas, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Special Monitoring Mission reported on Jan. 15.

Tank and artillery systems are prohibited from being deployed outside certain storage areas by the Minsk Agreements, a peace proposal signed on to by Russia and Ukraine.

The OSCE’s daily report recorded 26 howitzers in a training area near the village of Buhaivka, 37 kilometers south-west of Luhansk, as well as seven tanks in the area of Novoselivka village, 31 kilometers north-east of Donetsk. Both villages are located in areas that are not controlled by the Ukrainian government.

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The OSCE mission also spotted three surface-to-air systems, 50 tanks, and numerous self-propelled and towed artillery pieces beyond the lines of withdrawal specified in the Minsk Agreements, but outside of designated storage sites in areas around Donetsk and Luhansk.

The OSCE also recorded over 150 ceasefire violations in the region.

Currently, over 100,000 Russian troops are estimated to be deployed on the Russian-Ukrainian border and in Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories, reports Ukrainian intelligence.

Fears of a renewed Russian invasion of Ukraine began in late October when Russian troops began building up on the Ukrainian border and in Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories.

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