Over 1,000,000 Kyivans lost power yesterday, says energy provider

28 October 2022, 11:19 AM
NSC Olimpiyskiy during a blackout in Kyiv (Photo:Ukrainian Pravda)

NSC Olimpiyskiy during a blackout in Kyiv (Photo:Ukrainian Pravda)

During the past day more than a million Kyiv residents were affected by emergency power outages, CEO of energy provider YASNO Sergey Kovalenko said on Facebook on Oct. 27.

He said that more than 320,000 households were cut off from electricity supply during the day.

"Today is another difficult day for our energy sector and for all Ukrainians,” Kovalenko said.

“The orcs (Russians) struck again to destabilize the situation and sow panic among the population...” he said.

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“In Kyiv, 159,000 homes are now disconnected, and over the day more than 320,000. And this concerns a million Kyiv residents who cannot plan their day normally, work normally – there are thousands of businesses that lose the opportunity to work for our economy.”

He said that the figures for Kyiv Oblast are even worse: 258,000 households were cut off in the evening, and more than 500,000 over the whole day.

"Unfortunately, there is no deadline for restoring normal supply,” Kovalenko said.

“If there is no reduction in consumption at night, the outages will continue.”

Electricity transmission system operator Ukrenergo reported on Oct. 27 that it was introducing longer emergency blackouts in Kyiv after a new Russian attack on the energy infrastructure.

Due to the Russian strikes, a number of critical facilities were put out of operation. As a result, there is a power shortage of 30% of consumption in Kyiv and the region.

The schedules of stabilization outages, which were drawn up on Oct. 26, are no longer relevant. Stricter and longer power cuts will be introduced in the coming days.

Since Oct. 10, Russia has targeted critical and energy infrastructure across Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Oct. 18 that during this period, the aggressor state destroyed more than 30% of the power plants in Ukraine. He called the Russian strikes on Ukrainian energy and critical infrastructure a new type of terrorist attack.

To stabilize the power system across the regions of Ukraine, rolling blackouts are being carried out daily.

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