Over 16,500 civilians killed in Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion

11 January, 11:35 AM
Mass burial site in liberated Izyum (Photo:Пресофіцерка 93-й ОМБр Холодний Яр Ірина Рибакова via Eugene Enin / Facebook)

Mass burial site in liberated Izyum (Photo:Пресофіцерка 93-й ОМБр Холодний Яр Ірина Рибакова via Eugene Enin / Facebook)

As many as 16,502 civilians have been killed (as of Jan. 3, 2023) since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Zmina Human Rights Center reported on Jan. 10, with reference to the response of the National Police.

According to the police, the number of casualties found in the regions of Ukraine is the following:

• 4,746 in Donetsk Oblast;

• 3,784 in Kharkiv Oblast;

• 2,207 in Mykolayiv Oblast;

• 2,072 in Kyiv Oblast;

• 899 in Chernihiv Oblast;

• 815 in Luhansk Oblast;

• 686 in Kherson Oblast;

• 341 in Sumy Oblast;

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• 283 in Zhytomyr Oblast;

• 66 in Zaporizhzhya Oblast.

Evidence of the wholesale slaughter of Ukrainian civilians has been found in areas that were previously under occupation by Russian invasion forces.

In total, 21 mass graves have been found in the territories liberated from the Russian invaders, including three in Donetsk Oblast (278 civilians and 37 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were exhumed), 14 in Kyiv Oblast (177 people were exhumed), two in Kharkiv Oblast (451 civilians and 44 servicemen were exhumed), and two in Kherson Oblast (46 people exhumed).

The police reported that most of the dead had gunshot wounds and mine-explosive injuries.

At the same time, the police clarified they do not keep track of the number of bodies of people killed due to the Russian invasion who were found in houses and on the streets in the liberated territories.

Mykhailo Podolyak, the adviser to the head of the President’s Office, said on Dec. 1 that the number of civilians killed in Ukraine due to Russian aggression could significantly exceed 20,000.

As early as the spring of 2022, it was reported that more than 20,000 people could have been killed in the Russian-occupied city of Mariupol.

Missile terror of Russia. Strikes by the Russian army on civilian objects of Ukraine with the largest number of victims — infographic NV

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