Over 60% of Ukrainians think Ukraine should try to liberate all territories, including Crimea – poll

13 March, 01:44 PM
The majority of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine should liberate its territory from Russian invaders, including Crimea (Photo:REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne)

The majority of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine should liberate its territory from Russian invaders, including Crimea (Photo:REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne)

Some 64% of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine should try to liberate the entire country, including Crimea, from Russian invaders – even at the risk of a drop in support from the West and a protracted war.

The results of the survey conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology show the vast majority of respondents consider any territorial concessions to achieve peace unacceptable, a press release about the survey issued on March 12 reads.

According to the latest data from KIIS, only 9% of Ukrainians are generally ready for concessions, while 87% of Ukrainians are against any concessions. However, the question asked was a general one about “territorial concessions,” and did not specify any particular territories or possible “compromise” proposals.

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“’Between the lines’ (and in some places more directly) you can see the opinion that the West could press levers of influence to stop the Ukrainian liberation of Crimea,” the analysts said.

In particular, UK historian, author and commentator Timothy Garton Ash proposed that KIIS ask another question about the possible military liberation of Crimea. The respondents were offered two scenarios:

  • one of which included help from the West to liberate and reliably protect all territories, including Donbas, but without Crimea;
  • the second scenario involves attempts to militarily liberate Crimea, but with the understanding that the West may reduce aid and the war may drag on.

According to the results, the majority of respondents, or 64%, supported the second scenario. In contrast, 24% are more inclined to the first one.

According to KIIS, the vast majority in all regions insist on the liberation of all territories, including Crimea. At the same time, support for the “compromise” is no more than 27%, depending on the region.

The survey was conducted from Feb. 22 to March 6. Some 2,007 people were interviewed by phone in all regions of Ukraine, with the exception of the occupied territories of Donbas and Crimea. Those who went abroad after Feb. 24 were also not interviewed. The statistical error does not exceed 2.4%.

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