Pentagon promises to give Ukraine everything it needs

14 June, 01:52 PM
Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin (Photo:Win McNamee/Pool via REUTERS)

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin (Photo:Win McNamee/Pool via REUTERS)

The United States is working to ensure that Ukraine receives the largest possible amount of assistance and as soon as possible, U.S. state-owned news outlet Voice of America reported on June 13, citing Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

“The United States is ready to give Ukraine everything it needs to succeed, while keeping in mind that we also need to think about our own combat readiness,” Austin said. 

“We have partners all over the world who are also ready to help Ukraine as well.”

When asked about Ukrainian request for another 1,000 howitzers and 300 multiple rocket launchers from NATO, and what the United States is currently prepared to provide Kyiv with, the defense secretary responded by noting that the U.S. has already sent weapons to Ukraine. 

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The United States has already provided a significant number of howitzers and large amounts of 155-mm ammunition, among many others things,” Secretary Austin asserted. 

“But other countries have also sent 155mm howitzers.”

Austin noted that the world is inspired by the tenacity and will of the Ukrainian people to resist.

In addition to that, Austin added that he believes the Ukrainian military is resisting so successfully “partly thanks to the training that the United States and Canada have been providing since 2014, as well as the defense assistance provided at an early stage.”

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