Pentagon unveils some details of contents of new military aid package for Ukraine

2 August, 11:55 AM
A HIMARS multiple launch rocket system fires a rocket (Photo:REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco)

A HIMARS multiple launch rocket system fires a rocket (Photo:REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco)

The next U.S. military aid package for Ukraine includes supplies that will “satisfy Ukraine's urgent needs in the field of security and defense,” the Pentagon’s press said on Aug. 1.

The 17th package of U.S. aid to Ukraine will be worth U.S. $550 million, the Pentagon said. The package includes 75,000 shells for 155-mm artillery and rockets for HIMARS rocket launchers (the number of these was not specified).

Meanwhile, the White House press office reported that U.S. President Joe Biden has signed a memorandum on the allocation of a new aid package to Ukraine. The Pentagon noted that the Biden administration has already provided Ukraine with about $8.8 billion in aid.

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked Biden on Twitter for the new aid package, and said that Biden bringing Ukraine closer to victory.

“Thank you (President Biden) for your leadership and strong support of (Ukraine) and understanding of the threat to the civilized world from (Russia),” Zelenskyy tweeted on Aug. 1.

“Together we stand to protect the values ​​of freedom common to (Ukraine) and (the United States). The new defense aid package brings us closer to victory.”

President Biden on July 22 confirmed the transfer of a new package of military aid to Ukraine of an amount up to $175 million.

The Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, Adam Smith, said that the United States was ready to provide Ukraine with 25-30 multiple launch rocket systems, which will include HIMARS and systems from the United Kingdom and other countries. According to the latest count, Ukraine has already received 16 of the U.S. HIMARS systems.

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