People still live in tents and cook food on fires in captured Mariupol, reports city council

26 October 2022, 07:05 PM
Russian troops completely destroyed Mariupol, destroying residential buildings (Photo:Mariupol City Council)

Russian troops completely destroyed Mariupol, destroying residential buildings (Photo:Mariupol City Council)

Despite the promises of Russian invaders to build temporary housing to replace the houses they destroyed in captured Mariupol, many people still live on the streets in tents, the city council of Mariupol reported on Telegram on Oct. 26.

The post also came with a photo.

“People still live in tents in Mariupol,” the message reads. “Their houses were destroyed by the Russian bombs and new housing was never provided.”

“There are tents located near the Savona cinema, where the city residents used to hide during the shelling by the Russians. The people of Mariupol continue to cook food on fires and sleep in the basements of the cinema.”

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Local residents said the occupiers gave away the new apartments to their families.

“Everyone promises to help. But when the keys to the new houses were distributed,for some reason they were not given to any of those who live here with us,” homeless residents said.

“All these nice houses are not for those who have lost their homes. They are for (the Russians’) own, close ones, so to speak.”

Mariupol has been under Russian occupation since mid-May, when the Ukrainian defenders of the city surrendered at the territory of the Azovstal plant.

The actions of the Russian military led to a large-scale humanitarian disaster. The occupiers bombed the city's residential quarters and civilian infrastructure and blocked humanitarian aid, killing at least 25,000 residents.

After the capture of the city, the Russian troops began to carry out a filtering procedure in the city of Mariupol and at its borders. Local residents were allowed to re-enter the city only after passing through “filtration camps.”

The occupiers also demolished the high-rise buildings they had previously bombed without clearing the rubble properly of human remains, and people were evicted from damaged homes.

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