Petition urges Zelenskyy to properly regulate ongoing mobilization

15 July, 06:09 PM
Zelenskyy to regulate how mobilization notices are served in Ukraine (Photo:Ministry of Defence)

Zelenskyy to regulate how mobilization notices are served in Ukraine (Photo:Ministry of Defence)

Submitted on June 29, an online petition, urging President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to regulate how mobilization notices are served in Ukraine, has now garnered enough signatures to warrant an official response from the president.

The threshold of 25,000 signatures was crossed with 70 days remaining, and the petition is now “to be considered.”

“Mr. President, we urge you to consider banning mobilization notices being served to people at checkpoints, gas station queues, on the street, and so on,” the petition reads.

The document points out that exact criteria of which citizens are getting prioritized for each stage of mobilization remain undisclosed, leading to people getting ambushed with mobilization notices, in an arguably illegitimate manner.

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“There are a lot of trained, motivated people, who are denied from service, as military ranks are full of randomly conscripted folks, who lack military training and/or will to fight, diminishing the country’s defense capacity,” the message said.

“More and frequently, there are reports of people getting drafted while standing in queues at gas stations, which is hardly legal.”

The petition suggests volunteers should be mobilized first, and that people should only be conscripted at military enlistment offices. Otherwise, the document calls for mobilization stages to be disclosed, enabling people who should not get mobilization notices yet to argue against improper draft.

Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskyi recently said that whenever police hands people mobilization notices in public places, it’s always “done upon a request from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

Andriy Novak, a lawyer at Miller legal firm, told NV Radio that serving mobilization notices in public spaces is illegal.

“According to the law, the notice must be completely filled out by the time it’s served,” said Novak.

“When a person is approached, their ID is checked, and a mobilization notice is filled out with their data, there and then – that’s wrong, and I’d say illegal.”

Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych earlier said that a general mobilization in Ukraine “makes no sense.”

Meanwhile, renowned Ukrainian general Serhiy Kryvonos said that as many Ukrainians as possible should go through military training – in the interest of Kyiv’s victory in the war. Kryvonos favors training citizens across the whole of Ukraine to be able to defend their country.

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