Photographers refute complaints of torture made by Russian prisoners of war

23 April, 02:23 PM
The Russian occupiers are in captivity (Photo:libkos/Instagram)

The Russian occupiers are in captivity (Photo:libkos/Instagram)

Russians' complaints about torture in Ukrainian captivity are lies, Ukrainian photographers Vlada and Konstantin Liberov, who visited a prisoner-of-war camp in Ukraine, have told Radio NV.

"(The Russians) are completely different people with different values,” Konstantin Liberov said on Radio NV, commenting on complaints by Russian prisoners of war that they were being ill-treated.

“Maybe they just have fun in such a way. Maybe they realize that all these international organisations are watching them; and if they tell them something, it will be harder for us or they will give us less weapons. Or they are just mean and stupid people."

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The photographers saw many Russian prisoners, and all of them were well-fed with no signs of beatings, Vlada Liberov said of their visit to the POW detention site.

"At least they look into your eyes quite defiantly,” she said. “With no fear at all. These people don't seem intimidated. No. They feel good.”

"I think they lie about tortures in captivity or something like that. We saw the administration of the camp. They are absolutely proper people. The hospital says that it is quite common for (prisoners) to gain some weight. Sometimes they arrive not in good condition, and then gradually put on weight. You have seen how they are fed. It is according to the norms and caloric limits. They get everything they need to live. So, they are lying.”

A UN monitoring mission on March 24 presented a report on the treatment of prisoners of war and a report on the human rights situation in Ukraine. In addition to large-scale Russian war crimes, including murder, torture and sexual violence against civilians, the mission reported cases of executions of prisoners of war – allegedly by both Ukrainian and Russian soldiers.

Almost half of the Russian POWs interviewed by the UN mission alleged they had been ill-treated and subjected to torture.

At the same time, the mission recorded torture and beatings of Ukrainian POWs, shocking conditions of detention, and the deaths of at least five Ukrainian prisoners due to lack of medical care.

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