Ukrainian photographers show residential neighborhood in Bakhmut

20 February, 07:07 PM
Photographs share new images of ruined Bakhmut (Photo:libkos/Instagram)

Photographs share new images of ruined Bakhmut (Photo:libkos/Instagram)

Ukrainian photographers Kostiantyn and Vlada Liberov, who are documenting the Russian invasion of Ukraine, have taken a series of pictures depicting a residential neighborhood in the town of Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, posting them on Instagram on Feb. 19.

“This is what the residential sector of the town of Bakhmut looks like to-day,” the Liberov’s wrote in image’s captions.“

Not a single building survived. A complete ruin.”

The couple, who have visited Ukraine’s hottest spots since the beginning of the full-scale war, also urged Ukrainians not overestimate the stupidity of the enemy.

Video of day

“Yesterday, before going to bed, we watched YouTube, nothing serious, entertaining content, but at first we were even a little bit overwhelmed,” the photographers said.

“Another video about how stupid the enemy is, as if we’re fighting against a classic fool who is sitting on the stove, and the whole war is like a Tom and Jerry cartoon: we’re only doing that we’re breaking them. But whether we want it or not, it’s not like that. This war is very cruel.”

The pair noted that while the military has adapted to constant Russian assaults, they have not relaxed.

"Look carefully at the tired faces of the soldiers: if today we still have the illusion of a normal life, it is thanks to them,” they wrote.

“Due to the fact that they have not had this illusion for a long time.”

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