Photos from Tatarstan show mobilized Russian soldiers in cages

28 October 2022, 06:13 PM
It is not known for certain what exactly the crimes of the mobilized Russians are put in the cells (

It is not known for certain what exactly the crimes of the mobilized Russians are put in the cells (

Discipline among some mobilized Russians has been so low that the military leadership has decided to put misbehaving soldiers in cages, according to photos from Tatarstan shared by the local news outlet

The pictures were allegedly taken in the Kazan Expo building in the capital of the republic, which was converted into barracks for the mobilized.

They show several men sitting in a cage, one of whom is talking about something with a woman in a white coat, likely a doctor.

It is not known exactly for what actions the command of the Russian Armed Forces puts its soldiers there.

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At the same time, it can be assumed that such measures may be related to rampant drunkenness among the Russian military, who have already staged several revolts.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin proceeds with the recruitment of a new batch of "cannon fodder" to be sent to Ukraine, catching everyone indiscriminately, including foreigners.

In particular, in the city of Oryol, local military enlistment offices tried to mobilize workers of a waste processing plant, who turned out to be citizens of Uzbekistan.

Besides, Russia’s infamous Wagner mercenary company has begun to recruit even sick prisoners, in particular those with hepatitis C and HIV, into its rapidly thinning ranks.

In order to avoid desertion, the Russian military is also forming so-called "blocking units" that do not allow mercenary units to retreat from the front line, despite huge losses, according to intercepts of conversations between Russian soldiers and their families revealed by Ukraine’s security services.

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