Planet Labs publishes satellite images of burning Russian helicopters at Kherson airport

16 March 2022, 06:56 PM

Planet Labs has published satellite images showing burning Russian trucks and helicopters at the airport in occupied Kherson. The images were acquired on March 15 after the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out an artillery strike on the airport.

CNN experts who studied the images say they show at least three burning Russian helicopters, as well as several pieces of other military equipment. It is impossible to establish the exact number of destroyed vehicles from the images due to the dense smoke screen.

CNN reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had conducted a strike against Russian equipment in occupied Kherson on March 15 at 1342. Exactly at that time that NASA satellites recorded a fire in this area.

Video of day

Earlier, journalist Denys Kazanskyi said that an artillery strike had been conducted against Russian forces at Kherson Airport. According to him, dozens of pieces of equipment were destroyed.

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