Poland delivers Krab self-propelled artillery to Ukraine

19 June, 04:23 PM
The Polish government has decided to transfer 18 ACS Krab (Photo:dsbxtw9991/Twitter)

The Polish government has decided to transfer 18 ACS Krab (Photo:dsbxtw9991/Twitter)

Poland delivered AHS Krab self-propelled artillery mounts to Ukraine, reported the Ukrainian military’s Operational Command East on June 18.

“The Polish Crab will effectively “eat up” Russians columns!” the military said.

“As part of international military assistance, friendly Poland transferred modern 155 mm artillery weapons to Ukraine - self-propelled guns AHS Krab.”

OC East noted that the maximum firing range of weapon is 40 kilometers.

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On May 29, the Polish government decided to transfer three batteries (18 units) of the artillery mounts to Ukraine.

On June 2, it was reported that Ukraine would additionally purchase 60 units from Poland.

The AHS Krab is a Polish self-propelled artillery mount (ACS) manufactured by Polish defense company Huta Stalowa Wola. It has a licensed turret from the British AS90 howitzer installed during production, which is a 52-caliber gun. A South Korean platform, from the self-propelled K9 Thunder howitzer, is used as the chassis.

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