IRC in Poland launches new social campaign for Ukrainian refugees

27 April, 01:57 AM
Poland launched a social campaign for Ukrainians Know your rights (Photo:Photo:@Headway/Unsplash)

Poland launched a social campaign for Ukrainians Know your rights (Photo:Photo:@Headway/Unsplash)

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has launched a new campaign Know Your Rights, aimed at informing Ukrainian refugees in Poland of their employment rights, the agency reported on April 26.

The main goal of the new social campaign is to familiarize Ukrainians with the features of the Polish labor market, increase their confidence when looking for a job, and promote employment. The issue of secure employment is particularly important, since changes to the refugee legislation came into force in March 2023, according to which Ukrainians fleeing the war now must cover part of the living expenses in collective shelters.

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According to a labor market study conducted by the IRC, 70% of refugees from Ukraine consider finding a job the most urgent need after finding a safe haven in Poland.

After a year of war, ensuring a stable source of income remains one of the main problems, and unsatisfactory working conditions are one of the main factors of this. In particular, the salary is lower than the minimum wage, as well as there is the lack of legal protection, irregular working hours, and sometimes non-payment or other forms of abuse by the employer.

At the same time, according to the Special Act on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens, Ukrainians in Poland have the same rights as Polish citizens.

The main message that the authors of the campaign want to convey to Ukrainian refugees is the importance of knowing their rights, monitoring the regulatory acts, and remembering how they can request assistance. The authors also hope that the campaign will be useful not only to potential employees from Ukraine, but also to employers who will have the opportunity to work with personnel better acquainted with the peculiarities of the Polish labor market and legislation.

“Looking for a job is stressful for everyone, especially for new residents of the country who need to learn to navigate the new system and understand the rules of the labor market,” said Alan Moseley, IRC Country Director in Poland.

“We aim to encourage people who are seeking refuge from the war and are trying to settle down in Poland to become confident job seekers who are aware of what they can offer their potential employers and know what they should expect from the companies that hire them.”

IRC Manager of Economic Recovery and Development, Volodymyr Hryhorovych, added that the campaign is mainly aimed at encouraging Ukrainians to learn more about their rights.

“We want to support refugees from Ukraine and help them learn more about their rights in accordance with the Polish legislation on labor, and the legal framework for concluding contracts in Poland, about the minimum wage, and the types of benefits to which they are entitled,” he said.

“We’ve noticed a great need for this kind of assistance both in official surveys and in our daily work, especially in the One Step to Employment Support and Integration centers that we’ve established in Poznań and Katowice.”

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