Poles raise money for 20 Warmate kamikaze drones for Ukraine

14 July, 03:49 PM
Warmate drone (Photo:wikipedia.org)

Warmate drone (Photo:wikipedia.org)

Polish volunteers have announced fundraising for 20 Warmate kamikaze drones from Poland's WB Electronics, as well as a ground control station, which will be transferred to the Ukrainian troops, reported the organizer of the collection on its website on July 13.

The drone manufacturer agreed to supply one system to Ukraine after the transfer of funds. The goal is to collect 4 million zlotys ($831,440). 59,000 zlotys ($12,258) have already been collected in two days.

One system is a control station and 20 kamikaze drones that can destroy enemy targets deep in the rear (range of 10 km).

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This is not the first fundraising in Poland for military equipment for Ukraine. At the end of June, the Poles started collecting 4.5 million zlotys ($935,000) for the Bayraktar attack drone.

Currently, more than half of the specified amount has been raised.

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