Police identify 91 Russians involved in murdering civilians in occupied town

22 February, 04:59 PM
A house in Buchi during the occupation by the Rashists (Photo:REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra/)

A house in Buchi during the occupation by the Rashists (Photo:REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra/)

Ukraine has managed to identify 91 Russian soldiers who were involved in the Bucha massacre and is working to bring them to justice, the Prosecutor General's Office reported on Facebook on Feb. 22.

Information about the soldiers was shared with a U.S. Congress delegation during their visit to Bucha, where they were told about the mass graves that were discovered after the city was liberated from invading Russian troops.

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin said that the Russian army had committed about 9,000 war crimes in Bucha District in Kyiv Oblast, killing over 1,700 civilians – 700 of them in Bucha alone.

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"We found mass graves with mutilated bodies of men, women, and children,” Kostin said.

“Torture, murder, sexual violence. This is the true face of the ‘Russian world’ and the Russian regime, which is based on a complete disregard for the principles of human rights and humanitarian law.”

The Prosecutor General said Ukraine needs support in establishing an international tribunal to bring Russia’s leadership to justice.

"So far, 91 Russian servicemen involved in these crimes have been identified. We’re working to bring all those involved to justice," Kostin said.

After the Russian invaders retreated from the Kyiv Oblast, the world saw evidence of their atrocities, involving the murder of hundreds of victims. The bodies of civilians tortured and killed by the Russians were found in the Kyiv satellite towns of Bucha and Irpin, and along the Zhytomyr highway to the west of the Ukrainian capital.

On April 14, the Ukrainian parliament recognized the actions of Russia and its army as genocide of the Ukrainian people. The leaders of several Western countries have condemned the war crimes of the Russian army and called for an investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators.

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