Police officers bust saboteurs in Kyiv Metro, one with ammunition in child’s toy

2 March 2022, 05:37 PM

Police officers have detained five saboteurs at one of Kyiv’s metro stations, the press service of the National Police of Ukraine reported on March 2.

The perpetrators came to one of the metro stations allegedly to spend the night and hide in a shelter. However, their suspicious behavior roused the interest of law enforcement at the station, precipitating a search.

During a thorough inspection of the saboteurs personal belongings, the officers found a teddy bear filled with ammunition. His friend, a citizen of Belarus, also carried live ammunition.

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At that same metro station, police officers also detained an enemy agent transmitting Ukrainian Army’s positions via messenger apps.

Additionally, Ukrainian citizens taking shelter at the station reported more suspicious behavior to law enforcement, resulting in police searching another two individuals. During the check, law enforcement officers found ammunition, four magazines for firearms, a shutter with a striker for a Kalashnikov AK-74 assault rifle, a bayonet knife, and five cubes of drugs.

The detainees were handed over to the SBU security service of Ukraine.

“The police urge you to contact them immediately if you spot suspicious individuals and to observe personal safety measures,” Kyiv City State Administration reported via Telegram channel on March 2.

“Metro stations are currently operating as civil defense shelters. That’s why police are meticulously carrying out security measures around the clock.”

“Keep calm and use official sources of information,” the report says.

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