Political scientist Fesenko gives cautious welcome to granting citizenship to Russian critics of Putin’s war

4 June, 04:06 PM
Russian journalist Aleksandr Nevzorov (Photo:t.me/nevzorovtv)

Russian journalist Aleksandr Nevzorov (Photo:t.me/nevzorovtv)

Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov and his wife Lidiya, have been granted Ukrainian citizenship – to a mixed public reaction.

In an interview with NV Radio, political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko described the decision as controversial.

“We should grant citizenship to people with a connection with Ukraine. Political asylum for political migrants – sure, but giving out citizenship willy-nilly is questionable,” said Fesenko.

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“Nevzorov is currently a very public critic of Russia’s war against Ukraine, and faces criminal prosecution in Russia…; Nevzorov has an eventful history; he’s a controversial person.”

At the same time, Fesenko cautioned against lashing out at all Russians, since the struggle against Putin’s regime necessitates working with the Russian opposition.

“There’s a lot of emotion raging around the Russians: ‘they are all bad, we must deal with none of them, they all must be destroyed,’ and so on; with that mindset, we’ll be locked in an eternal war with Russia,” Fesenko added.

“We must realize that those who support the war and Putin deserve our scorn; to fight Putin, to reduce our future security risks, it would take substantial political transformations in Russia, and that’s impossible to achieve without the Russians themselves.”

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