Power outages in Moldova after Russian missile strikes across Ukraine

15 November 2022, 09:40 PM
Power outage in Kyiv, November 2022 (Photo:Oleksandr Medvedev)

Power outage in Kyiv, November 2022 (Photo:Oleksandr Medvedev)

Russia's massive missile attack on Ukraine's energy infrastructure caused power outages in several regions of Moldova, Deputy Moldovan PM Andrei Spinu said in a Telegram post on Nov. 15.

Spinu said that following the Russian attack on the Ukrainian energy system, one of the power lines, which provides the electricity to Moldova, was switched off automatically. This led to blackouts across the country.

He specified that these lines weren’t damaged, but were automatically disconnected as a safety measure. Moldova’s energy operator is currently working to restore the power.

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Moldovan news outlet NewsMaker reported power outages in Chisinau, Balti, Drochia, and other cities.

Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko warned that Russian missile attack on energy infrastructure could also affect energy systems of neighboring countries.

He noted the latest Russian attack on Ukraine’s power grid was the most massive since the beginning of the war.

“The strikes have targeted all of the Ukrainian energy system: both generation facilities and the electricity transmission system,” the minister said.

Russia launched another massive barrage of 90 missiles at Ukraine on Nov. 15, targeting critical energy infrastructure across the country. Although Ukrainian air defenses intercepted 70 incoming missiles, at least 15 of them reached their targets. Three apartment buildings were hit in Kyiv; nearly 7 million people across eight regions were left without power.

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