Power will not be cut off in Ukraine today unless consumption increases, Ukrenergo says

12 February, 02:37 PM
Elimination of the consequences of a large-scale accident in a high-voltage network (Photo:Укренерго/Facebook)

Elimination of the consequences of a large-scale accident in a high-voltage network (Photo:Укренерго/Facebook)

There is no shortage of power in the electricity supply system in Ukraine thanks to the work of repair crews and bringing another two nuclear reactors online, the press service of Ukrenergo reported on Telegram on Feb. 12.

However, if consumption increases, emergency blackouts may occur in some regions.

Later, Energy Minister German Galushchenko noted that restrictions may still be applied in some regions.

Electricity consumption in Ukraine today remains significant due to lower temperatures. However, power is used less than on a weekday. So thanks to the round-the-clock work of repair crews, the commissioning of two nuclear power units and a decrease in consumption on the weekend, there is no power deficit today.

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Although Ukrenergo did not set consumption limits, emergency shutdowns may still be applied today if consumption increases. In particular, this applies to Odesa, Kyiv, Khmelnytskyi, Zhytomyr oblasts and the city of Kyiv. There, emergency outages are possible if there is increased consumption due to grid restrictions.

Ukrenergo stresses that the lifting of consumption limits applies only to Feb. 12. With the beginning of the working week and the typical increase in consumption, restrictions may return.

On Feb. 11, the Rivne NPP in western Ukraine started operating at maximum capacity, as the fourth power unit was connected to the grid. Thus, nuclear generation added 1,220 MW of capacity to the grid.

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