President’s Office publishes video of Ukraine building wall, to go along entire border with Belarus

13 November 2022, 05:34 PM
Ukraine’s border with Belarus in Volyn Oblast (Photo:Tymoshenko/Telegram)

Ukraine’s border with Belarus in Volyn Oblast (Photo:Tymoshenko/Telegram)

A wall — made of reinforced concrete and topped with barbed wire — is being built along the entirety of the border between Ukraine and Belarus, Deputy Head of the President’s Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko wrote on Telegram on Nov. 13.

The official posted a video of the construction process at Ukraine’s border with Belarus in Volyn Oblast.

A reinforced concrete fence topped with barbed wire is just one of the elements of the engineering structures that will be installed to protect the border, Tymoshenko said.

“Of course, the construction is ongoing not only in Volyn. This applies to all (Ukrainian) regions bordering Belarus and Russia,” he added.

Video of day

Previously, the Belarusian border guards complained that “the Ukrainian military continues mining the territories adjacent to the border with Belarus.”

The wall is being built because Ukraine fears another attack from Belarus – this time in the north-west of the country, to attack the main logistical arteries for the supply of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine from its partner countries.

At the beginning of November, it was reported that the Russian army could be preparing a strike group for a second attack on Ukraine from Belarus in the next two or three months.

Meanwhile, Russia is continuing to station its army on the territory of Belarus, and is launching missile and drone strikes on Ukraine from there.

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