Putin accuses Ukraine of sending infiltrators into Bryansk Oblast

2 March, 09:55 PM
Putin again spoke some nonsense about

Putin again spoke some nonsense about "history" and "language" (Photo:Collage NV)

While speaking on federal TV on March 2, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin accused Ukrainian “saboteurs” of infiltrating Russia’s Bryansk Oblast and carrying out an “act of terror.”

Russian media claimed on March 2 that a group of Ukrainian “saboteurs” had crossed the border into Bryansk Oblast (which borders Ukraine and Belarus), engaged in firefights, took several people hostage, and inflicted civilian casualties.

Ukrainian officials quickly dismissed the reports as a Russian false flag. A group called Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) later announced on its official Telegram channel that a group of its fighters had indeed crossed the Russian border, though denied targeting any civilians or taking hostages.

Video of day

Putin reportedly summoned his Security Council after news of the cross-border operation and condemned the incident on television.

He called what happened a “terrorist attack,” claiming that Russian civilians were shot at, and then repeated his usual tirade about Russia’s enemies seeking to deprive the country of its “history and language.”

“They penetrated the border territory and opened fire on civilians,” Putin said.

It was the kind of people who set the goal of depriving us of historical memory. Deprive us of our history. Deprive us of our traditions. Languages.”

Russian authorities previously claimed that a Ukrainian “saboteur and reconnaissance group” allegedly penetrated the territory of Bryansk Oblast, capturing the villages of Lyubechany and Sushany.

Furthermore, Russian propagandists spread false reports about an “attack” on a school bus, as well as the “injury” and even “killing of a girl”, only to deny this information later.

Eventually it turned out that the raid in Bryansk Oblast was carried out by fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps, who published a video from the scene on social media, calling on the citizens of the Russian Federation to revolt against the Putin regime.

The Telegram post, which included a video of two armed men holding up an RDK flag in front of a Russian post box, declared that reports of hostage-taking or civilian casualties were “lies of the Kremlin propagandists.”

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