Putin calls alleged infiltration of ‘saboteurs’ in Bryansk Oblast ‘terrorist act’

2 March, 06:46 PM
Dictator Putin (Photo:Sputnik/Mikhail Metzel/Pool via REUTERS)

Dictator Putin (Photo:Sputnik/Mikhail Metzel/Pool via REUTERS)

Following the alleged infiltration of Russia’s Bryansk Oblast by a group of “saboteurs,” Russian dictator Vladimir Putin claimed that the incident was a "terrorist act" committed by "neo-Nazis and their masters,” Russian news agency Interfax reported on March.

The dictator said that "neo-Nazis" had "entered the border area and opened fire on civilians."

"They saw that it was a civilian car, they saw that civilians, and children were sitting there," Putin said.

“It was an ordinary Niva car. They opened fire on them.”

There is no photographic or video evidence to back any of the claims made by the Russian leader or the Russian media.

Video of day

Earlier, it was reported in Russian media that a group of “Ukrainian saboteurs” had crossed the border into Russia’s Bryansk Oblast.

Later the group, calling itself the Russian Volunteer Corps, published on Telegram a video against the background of a building with a signboard “Lyubechansky Paramedic-Midwifery Center.”

“The Russian Volunteer Corps has crossed the state border of the Russian Federation, the evidence is behind my back,” one of the men in the video says. “We do not fight civilians and we do not kill the unarmed. Now is the time for ordinary citizens of Russia to understand that they are not slaves. Riot, fight.”

Describing the group, Putin said that "these are the people" who had set themselves the task of depriving Russia of its historical memory, history, traditions, and language. The Russian leader also said that he "will be able to put the squeeze" on these people.

Russian media reported on the morning of March 2 that a "Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group" had allegedly infiltrated Russia’s Bryansk oblast.

At the same time, the stories given by Russian propagandists and the local authorities appeared to contradict each other: initially, it was reported that the saboteurs took hostages, fired at a school bus, and killed a girl. However, shortly thereafter, the girl made a miraculous recovery in hospital.

The school bus story was quickly refuted, as local officials confirmed that schools in Bryansk oblast are on distance learning.

Whit no photo or video evidence to back the claims, Russian propagandists cannot determine from which village the "hostages" were taken. Some sources report that residents of Sushany were allegedly taken hostage, while others report that it was the residents of Lyubechany that fell victim. The distance between the villages is 15 kilometers.

The Ukrainian military’s General Staff reiterated that the Ukrainian army fights exclusively on the territory of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Russian Volunteer Corps said it was already in Bryansk Oblast and called on Russian citizens to revolt against the regime of Russian dictator Putin.

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