Putin's ‘ceasefire’ a ploy to buy time, EU’s top diplomat says

7 January, 01:07 AM
Josep Borrell (Photo:Yves Herman/Reuters)

Josep Borrell (Photo:Yves Herman/Reuters)

The so-called ‘Christmas ceasefire’ announced by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is an attempt to buy time to regroup Russian troops, EU diplomacy chief Josep Borrell said on Jan. 6, as reported by The Guardian.

Borrell stressed that Putin's statements weren’t credible, noting that Moscow was solely responsible for starting the war in the first place and keeping it going for nearly a year.

"When the aggressor talks of a ceasefire, I think the response that comes to us all is skepticism in the face of such hypocrisy," said Borrell.

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He called on Russia to make "concrete actions," including a "complete halt of military attacks" and the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory.

“In the absence of such concrete actions, a unilateral ceasefire seems to be an attempt by Russia to buy time to regroup its troops and try to repair its damaged international reputation,” Borrell concluded.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin instructed Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu to “introduce a ceasefire” along the front lines in Ukraine from 12:00 on Jan. 6 until 24:00 on Jan. 7. Putin explained the decision with appeals from his henchman, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, as well as his alleged concern for the religious community. The dictator then called on Kyiv to join the ‘Christmas truce’ and institute a similar ceasefire.

Ukrainian officials and foreign leaders pointed out that Putin had no qualms about launching deadly air strikes against civilian targets in Ukraine on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve in December 2022.

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