Attempts to appease Putin dangerous, says British Foreign Secretary Truss

26 May, 12:21 PM
British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (Photo:Handout via REUTERS)

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss (Photo:Handout via REUTERS)

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss stated that Russia's aggression must be met with force, and attempts to assuage Russian dictator Vladimir Putin are dangerous, in a press release shared by the BBC's Russia service on May 26.

Russia's war against Ukraine Day 92. Main events.

"Russian aggression cannot be appeased," Truss said.

"It must be met with force. We must be adamant in ensuring the victory of Ukraine with military assistance and sanctions. Now we can no longer take our foot off the gas pedal."

The UK foreign minister intends to demand an increase in arms supplies to Ukraine and tougher sanctions against Russia.

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According to Truss, no setback can be allowed in guaranteeing Russia's defeat in its war against Ukraine.

"We must not allow a prolonged and increasingly painful conflict to develop in Ukraine," she said.

She is convinced that the West should draw conclusions from recent history, when Putin, after obtaining various concessions from the West, then attacked Georgia, Crimea, and Donbas.

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