Rada condemns Iran for supplying Russia with weapons and supporting it in war against Ukraine

19 October 2022, 04:09 PM
Russia uses Iranian-made kamikaze drones for attacks on Ukrainian cities, in particular for strikes on Kyiv (Photo:Roman Petushkov/Reuters)

Russia uses Iranian-made kamikaze drones for attacks on Ukrainian cities, in particular for strikes on Kyiv (Photo:Roman Petushkov/Reuters)

Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, on Oct. 19 condemned Iran for supplying Russia with weapons for its war against Ukraine, with MPs calling on the international community to impose sanctions against Tehran should the supply continue.

The resolution was supported by 303 MPs.

It states that Iran's decision to supply the Russian Federation with weapons makes Tehran also responsible for the consequences of Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine, primarily for civilian casualties and the destruction of civilian infrastructure.

It also undermines bilateral relations between Ukraine and Iran, which were constructive until recently.

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The Rada called on Iran to immediately stop supplying Russia with any weapons used by the aggressor for its war against Ukraine and for terrorist attacks in Ukrainian cities.

The parliament also called on the international community to urgently take all possible action to stop the arms supply. If Iran refuses to do so, effective sanctions must be introduced against Tehran, the country's authorities and Iranian companies.

The parliamentarians called on the governments and parliaments of foreign countries to contribute to the strengthening of Ukraine's defense capacities, in particular to immediately strengthen Ukraine's capabilities in the field of air and anti-missile defense.

Russia attacked Kyiv with Iranian-made kamikaze drones on Oct. 17. After the first attack, a fire broke out in a non-residential building, and several buildings were damaged. Other drones hit a residential building, killing five people and injuring four more. Among the dead were a six-month pregnant woman and her husband.

A total of 28 kamikaze drones were launched towards the capital on the morning of Oct. 17, Vitaliy Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv, reported. Most of them were shot down. Five explosions were recorded in Kyiv.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry called on Tehran to immediately stop supplying weapons to the Russian Federation and warned that it Iran would be held responsible for the attacks. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba initiated the severance of diplomatic relations with Iran.

Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in turn stated that they had nothing to do with the supply of Shahed-136 kamikaze drones to Russia. They also declared readiness for negotiations with Ukraine to refute the accusations.

In fact, there is ample photographic evidence, and material evidence from shot-down drones, that Iran’s denials are false.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Oct. 11, citing intelligence sources, said Russia has ordered 2,400 Shahed-136 kamikaze drones from Iran. After the first Iranian drones were shot down, Ukraine did not extend the accreditation of the Iranian ambassador and reduced the number of employees in the Iranian embassy to a few people.

The Washington Post, citing U.S. officials, reported on Oct. 16 that Iran had secretly agreed to send Russia not only attack drones, but also surface-to-surface ballistic missiles intended for the war against Ukraine.

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