Retired Russian colonel proposes blowing up the North Pole to send message to the West

22 July, 01:52 PM
Russian nuclear weapons on parade in Moscow (Photo:EternalGlory0/Twitter)

Russian nuclear weapons on parade in Moscow (Photo:EternalGlory0/Twitter)

Retired Russian colonel Konstantin Sivkov, who serves as the deputy president of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences, has put forth the idea of detonating nuclear weapons at the North Pole "if necessary" as a way to convey a message to the West, in a statement on Russian state-run TV.

During his speech, Sivkov called for the potential deployment of nuclear weapons and show-casing their presence at the North Pole as a demonstration, under certain circumstances.

"If the situation escalates to an extremely critical stage, we could consider demonstrating a detonation, say, at the North Pole,” he said.

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“Similar to what we did with the [thermonuclear aerial bomb with a power of] 58 megatons on Novaya Zemlya, where the test went as planned, proving effective and sending a powerful educational message.”

Sivkov emphasized his desire for Russia to prioritize the "intensive mass-scale development of strategic nuclear weapons," arguing that such armament would provide protection "against any possible encroachments" on the Russian Federation.

He further advocated for Russia to adopt "unconventional forms of using nuclear weapons," specifically referring to "high-powered nuclear munitions capable of causing severe geo-physical consequences, such as supervolcano explosions."

"Therefore, the deployment of these nuclear weapons is, of course, necessary,” Sivkov blustered.

“It’s a pivotal matter... I strongly believe that transitioning to intensive deployment is strategically imperative.”

Russian officials have repeatedly made nuclear threats against Ukraine and the rest of the world. Medvedev, the former President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, has notably threatened to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine on a number of occasions.

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