Romanian Defense Minister resigns after comments about war in Ukraine

24 October 2022, 07:17 PM
Vasile Dinku believes that the frozen conflict would be the

Vasile Dinku believes that the frozen conflict would be the "best" way out for Ukraine (Photo:Vasile Dîncu/Facebook)

Romanian Defense Minister Vasile Dincu submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister of Romania after he suggested that Ukraine’s only chance for peace may be negotiating with Russia, he wrote on social media on Oct. 24.

He advised Ukraine to give away territory to Russia as "the only way to end the war".

“It would be ideal to reach a negotiated situation, even if a frozen conflict were to be reached, negotiations would still be of more use than what is happening now, the destruction of lives and property,” the Romanian minister explained.

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According to him, Kyiv isn't able to negotiate with Moscow by itself because "the political class in Ukraine cannot afford the loss of territories at present”. The U.S. or other members of NATO could do it for Ukraine, he proposed.

The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis reminded him that any negotiation is to be decided by the Ukrainian government only.

"My gesture (resignation) comes as it is impossible to cooperate with the Romanian president, the army's commander-in-chief,” Dincu wrote on his Facebook page.

“I think my withdrawal from the post is necessary so as to not harm decisions and programs which require fluid command chains and to not block a series of projects which are absolutely necessary for the optimal functioning of the ministry and the army.”

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