Russia aims to achieve victory over Ukraine by May 9, European officials say

9 April, 05:29 PM
Destroyed Russian armored vehicles (Photo:Ukrainian Defense Ministry/Facebook)

Destroyed Russian armored vehicles (Photo:Ukrainian Defense Ministry/Facebook)

This sort of deadline, and the resulting pressure, might lead to a “military disaster as a consequence,” CNN reports, citing unnamed European officials.

According to CNN, a month before the anniversary of the victory of the USSR over Germany in World War II, Russia will attempt to redeploy and regroup its forces to the southeast of Ukraine, in order to achieve “some sort of regional victory.”

“Consolidating and trying to at least have something [in the war against Ukraine] to talk about is clearly in their interest,” one of the cited officials said.

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According to them, this short deadline could lead to the Russian armed forces making relatively significant mistakes, compounded by the logistical and morale problems they already face.

Another European official said the political timeline of the war could lead to a “military disaster as a consequence”, as well as new Russian atrocities.

“The stench of these war crimes is going to hang over these Russian armed forces for many years” they added.

Earlier, the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, reported that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has probably given up on trying to capture Kyiv, focusing on the south and east of Ukraine. According to him, the U.S. will continue to arm Ukraine as the war enters a new phase.

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