Russia attacks Lutsk, Dnipro and Ivano-Frankivsk, orders to prepare a terror attack in Chornobyl (UPDATED)

11 March, 09:55 AM
A residential building in Kharkiv destroyed by Russian invasion forces. (Photo:REUTERS/Oleksandr Lapshyn)

A residential building in Kharkiv destroyed by Russian invasion forces. (Photo:REUTERS/Oleksandr Lapshyn)

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has been going on for over two weeks. Today, March 11th, is the 16th day of Putin's war against Ukraine.

UPDATE(2000): Russia has started shelling Izum, a city in Kharkiv Oblast right when the locals were preparing for evacuation, Kharkiv governor Oleh Synehubov has reported in his Telegram channel. As the result Ukrainian authorities could not start evacuation from the beseiged town that was planned for today. Izum, a  frontline city of 46,000 people, has been left without electricity, heating, water and mobile connection due to the ongoing shelling by Russian forces. Ukraine has prepared 20 buses and organized green corridor on March 11. But the Russians started shelling and the corridor has not started working, Synehubov said.

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UPDATE(1812): Russian fighter jets shelled Belarusian village from the territory of Ukraine in a false flag operation to drag Belarusian army into the war with Ukraien, Ukrainian Airforce has reported.

However, soon Belarusian government has refuted that information, saying it can't confirm the information. "The information about the airstrike is a provocation aimed at undermining the Belarusian nation," reads the Belarusian Ministry of Defense official message.

Meanwhile Mariupol city council has reported some 1580 Mariupol residents were killed during the 12-day blockade of the city by Russian invaders.

In Melitopol, a city in southern Ukraine occupied by Russian forces, unknown persons have abducted the mayor Ivan Fedorov, Ukraine's President's Office has reported. Despite occupation Melitopol continues to protest against the Russian invaders for more than 10 days in a row. Fedorov has previously refused to cooperate with the occupation commanders. 

CCTV footage shows a moment unknown persons escort Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of Melitopol in an unknown location.

UPDATE(1340): Vladimir Putin has been preparing a terror attack in Chornobyl, Ukraine Defense Ministry Intelligence has reported on Facebook. "Vladimir Putin has issued an order to prepare a terrorist attack at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, where thr Russians have been preparing a man-made disaster," the military intelligence said. "The occupiers will try to shift the blame on Ukraine." 

According to Ukraine's defense intelligence data the Russians have already collecting the dead bodies of Ukrainian defenders near Hostomel they will try to present as "Ukrainian saboteurs" they had killed in the Russian-controlled Chornobyl Zone.

UPDATE (1330): Ukrainian Army has liberated five towns in Chernihiv Oblast, Ukrine's Army Operative Command North has reported.

UPDATE(1258): Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia is going to recruit "volunteers" to fight against Ukraine and help them to get to the war zone, Ria novosti has reported.  He also allowed Russian army to pass the seized items of the Western-made weapons to the Russian-backed mercenaries of the Donbas.

Overnight, invading Russian forces attacked more Ukraine cities - ones located closer to the Ukrainian borders with the European Union - Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk. For the first time the Russian invaders attacked Dnipro in east-central Ukraine. Heavy fighting continued in Mariupol and near Kyiv. The attack on Chernihiv has left its residents without water.

At 0545 Lutsk Mayor Ihor Polyshchuk said that the Russians had attacked Lutsk military airport. Locals heard three loud explosions. Two Ukrainian servicemen were killed and six more were wounded in the attack on Lutsk, local authorities have reported via official channels. "For some reason the air raid alarm failed to go off, we heard no warning of the upcoming attack," Polyshchuk said in a statement on March 11, adding that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would conduct an investigation.

Ivano-Frankivsk Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv also reported that the Russians had attacked the airport in the city and that again the air raid system failed to go off and warn the population of the impending attack. 

In Dnipro, Russian a missile hit a shoe factory, starting a fire, and two others landed not far from a kindergarten and a residential building. One civilian was killed in this attack, State Emergency Service of Ukraine has reported.

Meanwhile, the Russians continued to attack Mariupol, a port city on the Sea of Azov, preventing a Ukrainian humanitarian convoy from entering the encircled city, Mariupol City Council reported. The Russians have stated that they will only open corridors to Russia - effectively an invitation to Ukrainians to allow themselves to be taken hostage.

In the morning of March 11, Ukrainian Reintegration Minister Iryna Vereshchuk announced that Ukraine had opened 12 more humanitarian corridors:

Mariupol to Zaporizhzhia;

Volnovakha to Pokrovsk;

Enerhodar to Zaporizhzhia;

Izum to Lozova;

Bucha to Kyiv;

Hostomel to Kyiv;

Kozarovychy, Mykulychyn to Kyiv;

Andriivka, Makarivka, Borodianka to Zhytomyr.

In a new address to the Ukrainian people, President Volodymyr Zelensky has said Ukrainian government managed to evacuate more than 40,000 Ukrainians to safety on March 10. Overall, the Ukrainian government has already evacuated more than 100,000 people from besieged cities and towns.

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