Russia attempting to freeze war to launch bigger offensive next spring, says Stoltenberg

7 December 2022, 05:19 PM
Jens Stoltenberg (Photo:REUTERS/Michele Tantussi)

Jens Stoltenberg (Photo:REUTERS/Michele Tantussi)

Russia is attempting to freeze of the war against Ukraine, at least for a short time, so as to regroup, repair and recover, and will try to launch a bigger offensive next spring, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said.

In an interview given during the Financial Times’ Global Boardroom event on Dec. 7, Stoltenberg said the conditions for a peaceful settlement to the war in Ukraine are “not there now.”

He also urged members of the Western alliance to continue providing weapons to Kyiv over the winter.

“The conditions (for talks) are not there now, because Russia has shown no sign of engaging in negotiations which are respecting the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the NATO chief said.

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“It is for Ukrainians to decide when the time is right to start to negotiate and to agree the conditions. Most wars and most likely also this war will end at the negotiating table.”

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