Moscow mobilizing defense industry for prolonged war against Ukraine, says ISW

13 August 2022, 01:55 PM
Destroyed equipment of the Russian occupiers (Photo:MinistryofDefence.UA/Facebook)

Destroyed equipment of the Russian occupiers (Photo:MinistryofDefence.UA/Facebook)

The Kremlin is trying to marshal its military-industrial complex to support a protracted war in Ukraine, the U.S.-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said in its Aug. 12 report.

The experts note that on Aug. 12, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is thought to have visited the Uralvagonzavod plant, Russia’s largest tank manufactory, which produces that country’s T-72 main battle tanks. Earlier, it was reported that Uralvagonzavod has encountered financial difficulties due to sanctions imposed by the West and the non-fulfillment of state contract obligations.

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The Institute believes that Shoigu's visit may indicate that the Kremlin is trying to mobilize or expand the activities of the military-industrial complex.

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