Russia attempting to recruit homeless people in St. Petersburg to serve in army

2 September, 02:48 PM
City officials approached charity organization to ‘inform’ homeless about chance to sign up to army (Photo:rotondamedia)

City officials approached charity organization to ‘inform’ homeless about chance to sign up to army (Photo:rotondamedia)

Russia, struggling to find fresh troops for its mauled army in Ukraine, is now targeting homeless people in the Russian city of St. Petersburg for recruitment.

Employees of the district administration of St. Petersburg came to the Nochlezhka charity organization, which helps homeless people, bearing an offer for them to sign contracts for military service, the Russian online media outlet Bumaga (Paper) reported on Sept. 1.

City officials tried to talk with the organization’s wards and leave leaflets about the military service, Bumaga said.

Видео дня

However, a guard did not let the officials do so, and asked them to speak to the charity management. At that, the officials left the building.

Later, representatives of the Frunzensky district administration again tried to contact the Nochlezhka charity organization by e-mail with the same offer, Bumaga said.

According to the city administration, senior officials did not give the order to visit Nochlezhka and it was the initiative of “certain other officials.” They claim that the main goal was to “bring information about the contract service to everyone.”

At the same time, the charity organization said they could not act as an intermediary in the distribution of materials encouraging their wards to sign up for military service.

As reported earlier, the Wagner private military company is now actively recruiting convicted prisoners for the war against Ukraine. According to the media, more than 1,000 prisoners have already agreed to participate in the hostilities.

Wagner targets for recruitment people with “army or combat experience,” as well as those convicted of murder.

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