Russia bars men of draft age from leaving Ukraine’s Crimea

20 September, 11:31 AM
Russia continues forced mobilization on the territory of Ukraine (

Russia continues forced mobilization on the territory of Ukraine (

As it steps up its mobilization efforts across occupied Ukrainian territories, Russia has barred draft-age men from leaving Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea without a permit from a military commissar, Ukraine’s General Staff said in a post on Facebook on Sept. 20.

Furthermore, 500 employees of a steel plant in occupied Yenakiieve, Donetsk Oblast, had their military exemption cancelled.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin remains reluctant to order a general mobilization in Russia itself, due to the inherent risks this would pose to political and social stability of the country, and the future of his regime.

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As a result, Moscow has been forced to resort to recruiting convicted felons to replenish its frayed forces in Ukraine.

Even previously the pro-Russia population living in Ukraine under Moscow’s occupation since 2014 is resisting the forced mobilization and refusing to fight.

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