Grain exports once again blocked by Russia

30 October 2022, 05:15 PM
The grain corridor blocked by Russia (Photo:Oleksandr Kubrakov / Twitter)

The grain corridor blocked by Russia (Photo:Oleksandr Kubrakov / Twitter)

Russia has once more blocked the “grain corridor”, a non-blockaded route through the Black Sea for commercial vessels, rendering grain export impossible, Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov wrote on Twitter on Oct. 30.

“Under the UN’s World Food Program, the Ikaria Angel ship, loaded with 40,000 tons of grain, was supposed to leave the Ukrainian port today,” he tweeted.

“These foodstuffs were intended for Ethiopians, that are on the verge of famine. But due to the blockage of the ‘grain corridor’ by Russia, this export is impossible.”

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Earlier, Ukraine’s Infrastructure Ministry emphasized that Ukraine is ready to continue operating with the framework of the grain initiative.

The Joint Coordination Center, created to administer the grain initiative, on Oct. 30 said that parties to the Ukrainian grain export deal had failed to agree on navigation.

Russia announced on Oct. 29 that it was suspending its participation in the grain deal, due to an attack on Russian military naval vessels, used to shell Ukraine, in Sevastopol Bay.

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