Russia ‘conceals reasons for deaths’ of its troops ahead of new mobilization wave

3 December 2022, 05:35 PM
Occupiers (Photo:Міноборони Росії/Telegram)

Occupiers (Photo:Міноборони Росії/Telegram)

Ukraine’s SBU security service released an intercept that says Russian commanders are concealing the reasons for death of their troops ahead of a new wave of mobilization to prevent rioting among recruits, the SBU press office reported on Telegram on Dec. 3.

In an intercepted conversation with her mobilised husband who was deployed somewhere to Donbas, a Siberian woman told him conscripted soldiers were coming back home in zinc coffins.

"A lot of mobilized have come back home... in coffins. There are a lot of them here, in Siberia. Everyday news appears," she said.

Video of day

The reason for death given is surprising.

"It's not an incident during training or in a fight... 'They fell asleep and never woke up.' We have had such a case recently with a man who was at the frontline..." the woman said.

The occupying soldier considered there is an obvious reason for that as the authorities were trying to avoid panic in the society with a new wave of mobilization to come in Russia in December 2022.

"If they say that it is the end and all of them are going to die in Ukraine, no one will come," he said.

According to him, conscripts are already demoralized. Some of them intentionally injured themselves to avoid serving in the army.

"Some slashed their wrists, others stabbed themselves or died from alcohol," the invader said.

Recently, with the arrival of cold weather in Ukraine, videos have appeared of Russian soldiers huddled in foxholes and trenches being unresponsive even when attacked with grenades dropped from drones.

It is speculated that the Russian soldiers in the videos are suffering from severe hypothermia due to exposure. Some appear to be already dead when hit by grenades.

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