Russian troops are shelling Mykolaiv, while Ukraine’s air force strikes back

8 June, 04:25 PM
Destroyed tank of the Russian occupiers (Photo:General staff/Facebook)

Destroyed tank of the Russian occupiers (Photo:General staff/Facebook)

Russian troops continue to shell Mykolaiv and its vicinity with artillery, the Ukrainian military’s Operational Command South reported on Facebook on June 7.

According to OC South, the invaders are targeting infrastructure facilities and agricultural fields.

“In an attempt to intimidate and once again inflict painful damage with prohibited cluster munitions of indiscriminate action, the suburbs of Mykolaiv were fired upon,” OC South wrote.

“The Russians pretend to be concerned about the global food crisis, while hitting agricultural fields and infrastructure facilities.”

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At the same time, the Ukrainian military carried out four strikes on against enemy groupings.

“Artillery units and the Ukrainian air force inflicted 4 strikes on concentrations of enemy forces,” the military said.

“According to preliminary data, several armored vehicles and an ammunition depot were destroyed. Conclusive data on enemy losses is being estimated.”

On June 7, Russian troops fired on the town of Bashtanka in the Mykolaiv oblast, killing two civilians.

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