Russia could create two strike groups to surround Ukrainian forces, says General Zabrodskyi

2 November 2022, 04:09 PM
General Zabrodsky emphasized that Ukraine knows how to oppose such actions by Russia (Photo:General Staff of Ukraine)

General Zabrodsky emphasized that Ukraine knows how to oppose such actions by Russia (Photo:General Staff of Ukraine)

The most dangerous development in the war for Ukraine could be the creation of two powerful strike groups of Russian forces, one deployed in Zaporizhzhya Oblast, and the other in Sumy Oblast, a senior Ukrainian army officer has warned.

General Lieutenant Mykhailo Zabrodsky, first deputy of the head of Parliamentary Defense committee, wrote in his column for Ukrinform on Nov. 1 that such groups might be tasked with launching two simultaneous strikes from the northern and southern directions.

The northern group could probably strike in the direction of Sumy to Poltava, then to Dnipropetrovsk; and the southern group: from Zaporizhzhya to Dnipropetrovsk, said Zabrodskyi.

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“In this case, the task of the troops on the existing contact line in the east will be only to restrain the groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and prevent the use of military units in other threatening directions,” the general said.

“The ultimate military goal of the operation may be the (Russians’) dreamed-of strategic surrounding of the Ukrainian Armed Forces group on the left bank of the Dnipro river. Meanwhile, an indisputable decisive political result for the Russian Federation may force Ukraine to negotiate from a position of pressure, similar to the conditions of March this year,” said Zabrodskyi.

The general stressed that this concept was not new or unexpected for Ukraine. Moreover, such a plan was likely considered by the Russian military command as an option for the development of the situation as early as this spring, and specific elements of it were already attempted by the enemy.

At the same time, the presence of additional new military groups and the current configuration of the contact line (provided it remains unchanged), has given this idea a "second life,” Zabrodskyi said.

Ukraine, however knows how to oppose such actions by the Russian Federation, he added.

The general said Ukraine could create powerful new operational groups of the Armed Forces in the south, in the area east of the city of Zaporizhzhya, and in the north in the Sumy area.

In his article, Zabrodsky also explained why it would be logical and expedient from a military point of view for the Russian occupiers to withdraw from the city of Kherson and the west bank of the Dnipro.

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