Russia strengthens Moscow’s air defense

21 January, 12:48 AM
Air defense near the Kremlin (Photo:Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine / Telegram)

Air defense near the Kremlin (Photo:Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine / Telegram)

Russia is actively ramping up air defense in and around Moscow, due to fears of Ukrainian drone strikes, Bloomberg reported on Jan. 20

Russian authorities deployed air defense systems in and around Moscow, following several drone attacks Russia’s central regions. The Kremlin has accused Ukraine of attacks on its military bases, although Kyiv is yet to officially claim responsibility.

On Jan. 19, Moscow residents posted photos cranes lifting Pantsir anti-air systems to high-rise rooftops in central Moscow, as well as protective structures installed in the capital’s western suburbs – near the official residence of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

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Similarly, a Pantsir unit is clearly visible on the roof of the Russian Defense Ministry building, with corresponding photos circulating in social media.

Bloomberg reported that officials familiar with the situation said the deployment came after last month's drone attacks on military bases in Saratov and Ryazan, about 500 kilometers from Moscow. According to them, the new systems would complement existing anti-missile systems around the capital.

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