Russia deploys 1,000 Wagner contractors to Donbas, Pentagon says

31 March, 09:13 PM
Wagner mercenaries

Wagner mercenaries "family photo". (Photo:SSU)

There are about 1,000 Wagner private military company mercenaries in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, U.S. Department of Defense spokesperson John Kirby said during a briefing on March 30.

According to Kirby, Russia has become much more active in Donbas in the last few days. He added that the Wagner contractors have been fighting in the eastern Ukraine over the last eight years and they have experience in this area.

The fact that Russia deployed Wagner mercenaries to eastern Ukraine had been previously reported by the U.K. Defense Ministry.

Видео дня

Ukraine’s Joint Forces Operation headquarters said that on March 30, Ukrainian defenders had successfully repelled five enemy attacks, destroyed 10 enemy tanks, 18 armored vehicles and 13 motor vehicles, as well as 15 artillery systems. Earlier, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the Russian invaders were redeploying and focusing their efforts on trying to conduct an offensive in the Eastern Operational Zone, which encompasses the Donbas.

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