Russia deploys two submarine missile launchers in the Black Sea

9 April, 04:42 PM
Russian ships (Photo:Crimea.Realii)

Russian ships (Photo:Crimea.Realii)

Russia has two missile carriers carrying a total salvo of eight Kalibrs deployed in the Black Sea as of the morning of April 9, Ukrainian south military spokeswoman, Natalia Humeniuk, said on national television.

Underwater missile launches are harder to detect and intercept, she said.

"The enemy is still keeping a naval grouping in the Black Sea. They are deploying submarines, two of them from zero the past day, so the missile salvo can reach 8 missiles.”

Humeniuk spoke about what this means for Ukrainians.

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“As a reminder, our air defense systems are less capable of detecting submarine launches, which means that when an air alert is declared, we must act as quickly as possible," she said.

She also talked about the danger of marine mines.

"After the stormy weather, now that it has warmed up, the sea can bring unpleasant surprises to the coast, so we need to be vigilant and remember to stay a safe distance of at least 200 meters away from the water," the spokesperson said.

Russia is still far from running out of missiles, so Russian attacks on Ukraine could drag on for a long time., said Ukraine's Defense Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate.

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