Russia developing ‘new type of military operation,’ says Russian Defense Ministry

2 March, 02:25 PM
The Russian Federation has said that it is developing a

The Russian Federation has said that it is developing a "new type of military operations" for the "response" of the United States (

Russia is developing a “new type of military operation” that does not rule out the use of nuclear weapons to protect against possible aggression by the United States, an article published by Russia’s Ministry of Defense on March 2 claims.

In the article, First Deputy Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces Igor Fazletdinov and retired Colonel Vladimir Lumpov argue that the nuclear threat is justified because the United States is “gradually losing its leading position in the world,” which has led to an increased U.S. aggression toward Russia in the military and political spheres.

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The article argues that the “new operation” should “suppress the U.S. global missile defense system,” to make it impossible to destroy Russian ballistic missiles in the air.

The final stage of the “new operation” calls for causing “overwhelming damage” to the United States through nuclear means.

This latest bellicose rhetoric from Russia comes as the country continues to suffer huge losses in its unprovoked war on Ukraine.

According to Ukraine’s General Staff, 715 Russian invaders were killed in Ukraine over the past 24 hours.

It total, Russia has lost more than 150,000 soldiers since beginning its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, according to the figures recorded by Ukraine’s General Staff.

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