Russia downs number of missile carriers in Black Sea, but threat of missile strike high, Ukrainian military says

3 March, 12:24 PM
Russian warships (Photo:Ministry of Defense of Russia/Facebook)

Russian warships (Photo:Ministry of Defense of Russia/Facebook)

Russia has decreased the number of its missile carriers in the Black Sea, but the threat of a missile strike on Ukraine remains very high, a Ukrainian military spokesperson said on Ukrainian national television on March 3.

Natalia Humeniuk, Head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine, said the number of missile-carrying Russian warships had dropped to three.

“Currently, the (enemy) naval group in the Black Sea consists of 15 warships, with three missile carriers, including one surface vessel and two submarines,” she said.

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“The number of missile carriers has decreased, but the threat remains. As of now, we can say the probable maximum salvo is 16 Kalibr (cruise) missiles.”

Humeniuk added that the presence of missile carriers in the Black Sea on active duty is “an immediate threat, as the missiles can be launched at any moment, and they (the Russians) are ready to use them.”

The most recent massive Russian missile attack on Ukraine took place on Feb. 16. Then, the Russian military launched 36 missiles, including Kalibr cruise missiles, from warships and strategic bombers.

Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 16 of the 36 missiles that the Russians fired.

Since Feb. 16, Russia has mainly used Iranian-made Shahed flying bombs in its attacks, as well as targeting cities and towns in all regions of Ukraine with missiles.

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