Russian forces in Kherson are protecting themselves from the Ukrainian tanks with wooden tank traps

12 August 2022, 06:40 PM
These wooden structures have only managed to

These wooden structures have only managed to "protect" the passage to the city's Court of Appeal (Photo:Screenshot of Kostyantyn Ryzhenko's video)

Russian troops in occupied Kherson have decided to defend themselves with improvised tank traps made out of wood, according to a video published by a local journalist, Konstantyn Ryzhenko, on his Telegram channel on Aug. 12.

According to Ryzhenko, so far, these wooden structures have only managed to "protect" the passage to the city's Court of Appeal.

“This barbecue firewood near the Court of Appeal is supposed to be an antitank hedgehog,” Ryzhenko wrote sarcastically.

Wooden tank traps are likely to be of dubious effectiveness against Ukrainian tanks.

Video of day

Russian occupiers in the area are preparing for the liberation of the Kherson by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, by conducting raids in search of Ukrainian partisans who are arranging various sabotage, both in the city itself and in other settlements of the Oblast.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military is destroying bridges across the Dnipro River in order to damage the invaders’ logistics.

Kherson Regional Council member Serhiy Khlan stated that the last transport artery for Kherson’s Russian occupational garrison was the Kakhovka Bridge, which was disabled as a result of a missile strike on Aug. 10.

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