Ukraine claims to have sunk cruiser Moscow in the Black Sea, causing reduction in Russian missile complement

14 April, 02:11 PM
Cruiser Moscow (Photo:REUTERS/Alexey Pavlishak)

Cruiser Moscow (Photo:REUTERS/Alexey Pavlishak)

Russia has lost 16 cruise missiles after a Ukrainian Neptune cruise missile hit the Russian cruiser Moskva (Moscow), the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, in the Black Sea, BlackSeaNews editor-in-chief Andrii Klymenko wrote on Facebook on April 13. 

The Ukrainian government believes the ship to be sunk, with presidential advisor Alexey Arestovych tweeting that the ship has been “drowned.”

Even if the Moskva had only been damaged, Klymenko noted that the total complement of cruise missiles of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has now decreased from 72 to 56.

Видео дня

Here is the list of ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet that are armed with Kalibr cruise missiles and currently located in the Black Sea:

  • frigate Admiral Essen (eight missiles);
  • frigate Admiral Makarov (eight missiles);
  • corvette Vyshniy Volochek  (eight rockets);
  • corvette Ingushetia (eight missiles);
  • corvette Grayvoron (eight missiles);
  • submarine Rostov-on-Don (four missiles);
  • submarine Stary Oskol (four missiles);
  • submarine Veliky Novgorod (four missiles);
  • submarine Kolpino (four missiles).

In addition, some ships have been stuck in the Mediterranean Sea due to closing of the Bosphorus Strait by Turkey on Feb. 28:

  • one missile frigate (Admiral Grigorovich, Black Sea Fleet);
  • one missile corvette (Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Black Sea Fleet); and
  • two missile submarines (Novorossiysk and Krasnodar, Black Sea Fleet).

There are also:

  • two missile cruisers similar to Moskva (Varyag, Pacific Fleet and Marshal Ustinov, Northern Fleet);
  • two guided missile destroyers (under NATO classification) – Vice-Admiral Kulakov, Northern Fleet, Admiral Tributs, Pacific Fleet;
  • one missile frigate Admiral Kasatonov, Northern Fleet, which is a carrier of hypersonic cruise missiles Zircon.

The Moskva is believed to have been the very ship immortalized by the popular Ukrainian motto: “Go f*** yourself, Russian warship.”

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