Russia has lost 20-30% of its pre-invasion military equipment, says Milley

16 June, 11:57 AM
General Millie called

General Millie called "huge" the number of armored vehicles lost by Russia (Photo:REUTERS/Edgar Su)

Russia has lost 20-30% of the armored force it committed to the invasion of Ukraine in the last three months of fighting, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, said during a press briefing at NATO HQ in Brussels on June 15.

“That's significant; that's huge,” Milley said, commenting on the numbers.

He added that Ukrainian forces are at a numerical and firepower disadvantage on the battlefield, but noted that “war is not just a game of numbers, it's how you use them.”

Russians are using massive artillery barrages, which don’t always have a tangible tactical effect, according to Milley.

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At the same time, Ukraine employs “much better artillery techniques and they're having pretty good effect on the Russians.”

The general also said that Ukrainian casualty reports of around 100 troops killed and 100-300 injured per day are accurate.

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